A Bit About Us

Dr. Bill Pomfret & Associates and Safety Projects International Inc have combined their resources as an independent organization specializing in safety and loss control training. We also conduct both basic and comprehensive health, safety and loss control audits using the internationally acclaimed 5-Star Health and Safety Management System™ incorporating the USA-OSHA standards.

Training Courses

Our flexible training courses are structured to meet the needs of individual companies and are constantly revised and updated to meet changing circumstances and legislation. All training is guaranteed to achieve mutually agreed objectives.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Safety Projects International Inc. is to educate and influence management to adopt effective Safety Health and Risk Control policies, practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human and economic losses arising from accidental causes and adverse occupational and environmental health exposures.

To achieve its mission, Safety Projects International Inc. has five interrelated services, currently in use in over 30 countries, these include:

  • 5 Star Health & Safety Management System™ Audits in any of the Industry Modules
  • Training Films on Risk Control and Professional training courses in Power Point (over 1000 course modules)
  • Publications, Manuals, Books, C.D. ROM etc.
  • Management & Safety Practitioner Training
  • Health & Safety Management System Audits

Success Stories

Abu Dhabi Oil Company

Achieved 5-Stars and then self insured saving MILLIONS of dollars through efficient risk control.

China Light & Power

Cut it's accident incident rate by 96% in 5 years, going from 1 to 5-Stars!


Dr. Bill Pomfret; congratulations your presentation appeared effortless, the facts you presented on the business case for safety seemed almost so logical, but it was so relevant and timely that my directors decided that you are to present for our in house courses... Your anecdotes fit any audience and your mixture of humor and seriousness was a perfect fit. The feedback that I received from the audience (hourly and salaried) was all positive and beyond my expectations. I can't thank you enough!” 

ASSE MEC CHAIRMAN: 2015 Conference ARAMCO Manager

“Dr. Bill Pomfret you provided the most motivational, educational safety presentation I have ever attended. The energy and passion and the laughs – wow! And your stories about safety experiences, and the solutions that really helped all of us connect, we’ve had speakers for the last ten years and you were head and shoulders above all of them all, I wish you could talk to our executives regularly.

John Bennett, EVP ESKOM SAIOSH Conference 2015

An international construction giant needed to improve safety engagement within a high profile project in Dubai that was facing increasingly difficult resistance from a chilled workforce. Dr. Bill Pomfret was hired to deliver a motivational keynote in order to obtain more engagement from an EHS standpoint. After one year, safety engagement was measured and the increase was recognized as a 170% gain! Other marked improvements were also realized following this particular engagement intervention.

Emirate Flight Catering, part of the Emirate Airlines group desired to increase employee engagement and individual focus with regard to implementing the 5 Star Health & Safety Management System. Dr. Bill Pomfret delivered all-hands motivational talks with this objective in mind. Results included lagging indicators such as recordable incidents. Needless to say, the results achieved were exceptional with an 85% reduction in recordable injuries, over the previous year.

The China Light & Power company in Hong Kong was facing an increasingly difficult and demanding scheduling mandate which included a reduction in safety-related incidents. Dr. Bill Pomfret was called upon to deliver an all hands keynote and breakout session to challenge the group to work at their highest levels of achievement and to come together as a team. Despite one full-day of down-time with this particular “Safety Day” the organization walked away with many pleasant surprises. In specific, the contractor moved ahead of scheduling milestones and established record-setting safety quarters (including zero incidents in some groups) to go hand-in-hand with an increase in safety engagement.